Acupuncture stems from ancient Chinese medicine and uses fine needles targeted at specific pressure points around the human body, to help with the relief and prevention of physical problems.

In its Eastern form, acupuncture is a spiritual treatment, and is believed to stimulate a person’s ‘qi’ or life energy, which flows through a network of meridians in the body, to promote general wellbeing. Traditional practitioners believe that illness results when ‘qi’ doesn’t flow freely through the body.

In the West, we believe it stimulates nerves beneath the skin. This encourages the body to produce pain-relieving substances, called endorphins, which contribute to healing and balance.

We offer acupuncture at our Hands That Heal clinic, to treat conditions like headache, lower back pain, osteoarthritis and neck stiffness.

When you first visit our clinic, we will carry out a full assessment of any conditions you are experiencing, and recommend a holistic range of treatments which could include acupuncture. If so, we will talk you through exactly what the treatment will involve, and what to expect.

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