Whether you’re a professional athlete or a ‘weekend warrior’ doing it for the love, we can help you avoid sports injury and recover faster through our expert physiotherapy.

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Back pain, back stiffness, neck pain and neck stiffness, account for 90% of our treatments. Many of these problems originate from our jobs but we can help to improve workplace wellbeing through physiotherapy.

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Keeping Active over 50

50 is definitely the new 40 and these days we want to defy the natural ageing process and stave off mobility problems as long as possible. At Hands That Heal, we can support you in living up to your physical aspirations. 

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general health & harmony

There’s no need to put up with physical niggles like joint pain, joint stiffness, muscle pain and muscle stiffness. We can help to provide treatment for issues from postnatal bladder weakness to hypermobility or multiple sclerosis.

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Sports star treatment for everyone

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”
- John Rohn

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"It was so bad, I was almost suicidal until I met Lisa” - Margaret Horsley

"Lisa got me back to full fitness, and I was able to qualify to ride
for Great Britain last year” - Laura Milner

"Lisa is very good at diagnosing the cause of any pain I’m experiencing,
and then treating it to keep me supple" - Mike Gowen