Joint Mobilisation

When we suffer an injury or illness affecting our bones, joints or muscles, this can make us less mobile for a time. This only compounds the issue by leaving the affected joints stiff and unable to carry out the wide range of movements they normally would due to tightness or pain.

Ironically, however, combating this urge to stay still and keeping moving can be the most effective method of injury recovery. Joint mobilisation therapy is a technique we use to gradually free up your stiff and painful joints with a series of no-impact, targeted movements which mimic the normal flexibility range of your joint.

This can help with conditions such as adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder and elbow stiffness, hand stiffness or wrist stiffness. It can also relieve lower back pain and increase movement by gently mobilising the spine and stretching the muscles which support your spinal function.

When you first visit us, we will fully assess your condition, your range of movement and the amount of pain you are experiencing to limit your joint function. We will then prescribe and deliver a programme of joint mobilisation treatment suitable to your circumstances. Joint manipulation is graded, starting from Grade 1, which targets just the receptors in your skin, up to Grade 5 which pushes your joint as far as it can go.

We are likely to suggest that you combine this with a regime of regular physiotherapy exercises which we will prescribe for you, to ensure you achieve the most effective results, as quickly as possible.

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