Sports Massage

Sports massage is the common term used for something called ‘soft tissue therapy’. This is beneficial to a range of people in recovering from musculoskeletal injury and musculoskeletal pain, not just sportsmen and women as the name suggests. Soft tissue therapy can assist with the management of repetitive strain injury, pain, stiffness, fatigue and stress which many people experience as side effects of modern living.

It involves manipulating soft tissues in your body including muscles, ligaments and tendons. The benefits of sports massage are extensive and can often be felt with each treatment. They include improved circulation and flow through your lymphatic system, which helps to manage the eradication of toxins and waste substances through your body.

Soft tissue therapy can also calm or stimulate nerve endings to manage pain, as well as increasing or decreasing muscle tone and length as needed. It can also help to control scar tissue which might be causing pain or stiffness in a muscle or joint, as well as having a calming effect which can help with stress management and preparation for sports competitions.

For amateur or professional athletes aiming for maximum performance, sports massage can help with injury prevention and recovery, training and conditioning, pre-competition preparation, post-competition wind-down and post-travel flexibility.

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