Taping Techniques

If you suffer a sports injury or a sprain or strain in daily life or work, we might initially tape the joint to keep it still and prevent further aggravation, as well as controlling swelling.

We can also use tape to support a limb or joint, to help strengthen it for improved performance or for longer term recovery and injury prevention. Taping techniques can also help with posture correction, by physically encouraging you into a better stance. Joint taping can provide important support without restricting your movement too much.

Taping, which is equally useful for elite athletes and everyone else, uses special types of adhesive tape, sometimes referred to as ‘kinesio tape’ or ‘k-tape’, and can be used to treat problems with various parts of the body, including sprained ankles, knee injury, Achilles tendon injury, back pain, calf injury, elbow pain, foot sprains and finger strains.

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