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Hands That Heal Lisa

Hands That Heal is no ordinary physiotherapy clinic. Our team boast top industry qualifications and years of experience.  We work with numerous professional sportsmen and women, from Olympic boxers to World class horsewomen. This means we’re at the top of our game and can use our elite insight to offer the very latest and best physiotherapy treatments to everyone.

We understand that pain-free movement is precious, whether you’re striving to win competitions, or are experiencing joint pain or joint stiffness and simply want to be able to enjoy your favourite hobby or manage day-to-day tasks with ease.

Our physiotherapy changes lives because we take a skilled, friendly, holistic approach to understanding your problem and providing a rapid, accurate diagnosis.

Using a combination of expert therapies and advice, we then work on improving your physical problem as quickly as possible – as well as enhancing your general health and wellbeing. Most of our patients start to feel better from their very first treatment.

We can help you whether you’re into sport, suffer from work-related aches and pains, want to stay active as you get older, or just need to improve your general fitness and wellbeing.

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